UNIX/Linux Dedicated Server Hosting

DIS offers UNIX and Linux Dedicated Server Hosting for customers who want a cost-effective hosting solution. DIS provides the hardware, as well as a comprehensive suite of Open Source Software (OSS) and the customer provides any additional software. Actual server specifics may vary based on hardware availability at the time of service setup. The system will be housed in the State Data Center.

UNIX/Linux Dedicated Server Hosting includes:

  • IBM AIX v5.3, Red Hat Enterprise Linux v5.x, or Scientific Linux v5.x Environment
  • Installation of system in the State Data Center
  • At least one 10/100/1000 Ethernet connection
  • Advanced server/service monitoring with Nagios
  • Subnet of IP addresses
  • Basic firewall services
  • All available Open Source Software – Web server, FTP server, OpenLDAP, etc

Add-on services include:

  • DB2 Universal Database Installation
  • WebSphere Application Server  - IBM’s Java EE 1.4 compliant application server
  • Access to our Enterprise Data Storage –Disk and Tape
  • File and Database backups performed by our Enterprise Backup System

Highly trained professionals will perform regular security vulnerability scans and firewall configuration is available at customer request. Hardware support is included and a new server will be provided after 48 months in use, but before 54 months in use. Also at the customer’s request, DIS may provide additional professional and technical resources such as disaster recovery, project management, software analysis, server management and support, and software testing, to assist with management, requirements identification, implementation, problem resolution, and enhancement support. DIS will work with the customer to help resolve any problems if they arise. Such costs are not included in the rates associated with this service.