Computer Replacement Policy


As required by Act 1410 of 2001, all State agencies are mandated to implement an agency-wide policy that ensures the management and sale of agency surplus computer equipment and electronics in accordance with the Executive Chief Information Officer's policies for review and replacement of computer and electronic equipment.


For purposes of this document, the following definitions apply:

COMPUTER AND ELECTRONIC EQUIPMENT - devices utilizing electrons and electric circuits such as personal computers (PCs), printers, file servers, routers, etc.

WARRANTY PERIOD - the time period in which computer and electronic equipment may be returned, exchanged, or serviced by the manufacturer as stipulated in the purchase agreement.


The current practice of the department is to purchase a four-year warrant period with any end-user computer equipment. The department will replace the end-user equipment based on the warranty period expiration. The department will maintain a certain amount of end-user computer equipment past the warranty expiration to use as temporary replacement equipment if needed. Other than the computer equipment which is kept for the purpose of temporary replacement parts, all other department end-user computer equipment, upon warrant expiration, is decommissioned and sent to the Office of State Procurement-Marketing and Redistribution Center, for disposal or resell. All disposal and resell practices and policies are in compliance with the rules and regulations of the Office of State Procurement-Marketing and Redistribution Center.